Please help green the Labor Day Festival! The Public Works/Green Team booths and volunteers will have new information regarding recycling and filling up your water bottles. We will also have some fun informational games at the Public Works booth.

There are water fountains at the Community Center, Municipal Building, Aquatic Center, and the Co-op grocery store. Some businesses and restaurants will also let you fill your water bottle. Look for the TapIt decal or water bottle flyer in store windows.

Trash and recycling bins with instructional decals will be paired side by side throughout the festival grounds. We will have a compost demonstration at the Public Works booth. Volunteers help with these efforts.

What can be recycled (if they have very little food or drink on them):
Paper & plastic plates
Paper & plastic cups & bottles
Foil [ball it up]
Pizza boxes
Any metal [e.g., cans]
Glass bottles

Recycle at a grocery store only:
Plastic bags bundled & tied together in 1 bag

What CAN’T be recycled and must be put in the trash:
Clamshell containers
Potato chip bags and other Mylar products
Plastic utensils

What CAN’T be recycled and must be put in the compost or trash:
Napkins & paper towels, even if clean

For more information or to volunteer to help with our efforts, contact our Volunteer Coordinator staff at Public Works: Jason Martin ( 301-474-8004).