Retro Town Fair

The 2019 Retro Town Fair will take place as a VIRTUAL Town Fair.

Greenbelt Retro Town Fair Flyer 

TO PARTICIPATE (See also Greenbelt Museum Website)

1. To Take a photo of your item.
2. Send us an email with Retro Town Fair Entry as the subject line. In the email let us know what category you’re entering (see below for list).
3. Attach your photo to the email. Please use a jpeg format. Please submit via email between Friday, August 21—Friday, August 28. Send to


  • Flowers and Vegetables
    (examples: cut flowers, garden flowers you’ve grown, fruit or vegetables you’ve grown)
  • Canned Goods
    (examples: preserves and jams, vegetables, pickles)
  • Needlework
    (examples: crochet, knitting, embroidery, sewing)
  • Crafts, Open Category
    (examples: jewelry, woodworking, dollmaking)
  • Mask/Face Covering
  • Legacy Handcraft Exhibition
    Share an item that’s an heirloom handcraft made by an entrant, or by a family member, more than 10 years ago. Please include relevant information about the item. These items will not be judged, they are for viewing only.

Fri., August 21 – Fri., August 28 Submit all entries

Send to:

Sunday, September 6 Winners will be announced on the Museum’s website:

The Retro Town Fair, a popular addition to 2012’s Labor Day Festival, re-creates the Town Fairs of early Greenbelt. The first Town Fair was held in 1939 after a request from the Garden Club to City Council that a flower competition be held. Council expanded the plan to include canned goods, baked goods, and needlework. The Fair also included concerts, puppet shows, athletic contests, and more. Many of these elements have been incorporated into our modern Labor Day Festival, but the “County Fair” style judging for this event pays homage to that earliest of celebrations created by our predecessors in Greenbelt. Start planning your submissions!

More information will be available in the Greenbelt News Review and on the Greenbelt Museum website.

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