Carnival Midway and Booths

Aerial View of 2010 Greenbelt Labor Day Festival

Carnival booths are available to recognized Greenbelt nonprofit or civic organizations to raise funds and make festival-goers aware of their existence. Organizations may sell food and merchandise or host activities. Professional vendors must be paired with an eligible Greenbelt organization in order to run a carnival booth.  We do not allow for duplication of food items with the exception of candy, prepackaged snack foods, sodas and bottled water.  Please note that all food booths have to pass a county health inspection.

To download the vendor application form for the Greenbelt Labor Day Festival, as well as the booth information packet, click Booth Packet (NOTE: The information for Booths, which is from 2015, will also apply for 2016). Prospective vendors should also download the health permit application, as well as information regarding recycling and the new polystyrene law.

Please contact with questions or to request more information.

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For more information, please contact the Festival Committee.