The 2017 Greenbelt Labor Day Festival Parade took place on Monday, September 4, from 10am to noon. This year marks the 62nd year of the parade. The first parade took place in 1956 during the second year of the Greenbelt Labor Day Festival.

Click here to see the list of this year’s parade participants.

All those participating in the 2017 Greenbelt Labor Day Parade please visit the Parade Participants section of this website. Your group must have been preregistered for the parade no later than August 25, 2017, in order to be eligible for any parade award. Nonpolitical preregistered parade participants are eligible for various parade awards, such as “Best in Parade,” “Most Humorous,” “Best Pet Unit,” “Best Performing Group,” “Best Community,” “Most Entertaining,” etc.

Please email with any questions or concerns.

The parade route is along Crescent Road, from Green Hill Road to Southway.

For more information, please contact the Festival Committee.

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