Information Day

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Congratulations to this year’s Information Day ribbon winners:

1st place: Kitchen Saver (Andrea M. Foster)

2nd place: Prince George’s Sierra Club (from left: Susan Stewart, Na’ilah Dawkins, Janet Gingold)

3rd place: Utopia Film Festival/GATE (Susan Gervasi)

4th place: St. Columba’s Scottish Country Dance (from left: Kim Lugo, Bill Wallace, Ritch Valentich)
























Information Day is an opportunity for local organizations to share their causes, missions, or products with festival goers. Local organizations interested in participating in Information Day at the Greenbelt Labor Day Festival should fill out the Information Day application form.

Information Day

Please note that Information Day tables do not allow sales or any financial transactions. Information Day tables may give away items such as coupons, but giving away food is not permitted. Only Carnival Booths allow the sale of food.

Participating organizations will be listed on the 2017 Information Day tables page of this site and have the chance to win ribbons at Information Day. Please take a look at past Information Day winners.

Click Info Day 2017 layout to see a map of Roosevelt Center.

For more information, please contact the Festival Committee.

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