Art Show Information and Rules

The Art Show is sponsored by the Greenbelt Labor Day Festival Committee and the Greenbelt Association for the Visual Arts (GAVA).

The Labor Day Art Shows are displayed in the Greenbelt Community Center as part of the annual Greenbelt Labor Day Festival. This is the 65th year of this popular event, which gives local artists of all ages and abilities the chance to share their work with the community. There are two shows: one for adults (19 years+) and one for children/teens. Awards are given in both shows in various categories.

For an application, click Art Show app/Adult or Art Show app/Child/Teen.

The following rules and information pertain to the 2019 Art Show:

  • Adult participants (19 years+) must live in Greenbelt or the surrounding communities, or work in Greenbelt. Children/teen participants must live or go to school in Greenbelt, or have grandparents living in Greenbelt.
  • Adult participants may enter up to 4 artworks, and children/teen participants may enter up to 3 artworks.
  • Artwork must be submitted on Thursday, August 29, from 5 to 7pm, or on Friday, August 30, from 10am to noon, or 5 to 7pm, at the Community Center. Registration forms are filled out at the same time.
  • All artwork must:
    1. be completely original in design and conception.
    2. never have been shown in previous Labor Day Festival Art Shows.
    3. be ready for display (adult two-dimensional works should be framed with wire attached for hook; children and teen two-dimensional works should be mounted or matted, but need not be framed).
  • All adult participants are required to help—and teens and parents of children participating are asked to help—with either hanging the shows Friday, August 30, after 7pm, or sitting one hour during the shows. Participants sign up to volunteer when work is submitted.
  • The shows are open to the public Saturday, August 31, and Sunday, September 1, from 1 to 6pm; and Monday, September 2, from 1 to 4pm.
  • All participants agree to show their artwork until 4pm Monday, September 2.
  • The Greenbelt Labor Day Festival Committee, GAVA, the City of Greenbelt, and any of their volunteers/staff, are not responsible for the shows or artwork. Every effort will be made to protect the shows and artwork during open hours, using volunteers to sit as explained above.
  • Entries will be judged by a professional artist, and awards are given in each category for adults, children, and teens, depending on the discretion of the judge. Awards are presented on stage on Monday, September 2, at 1:30pm after the parade.
  • Entries and awards must be retrieved from 4 to 5 pm on Monday, September 2. The Committee is not responsible for unclaimed artwork. Please do not pick up your work early! If you can’t pick up your work between 4-5pm, let the Art Show organizer know.
  • If you are interested in selling your work, you may give us your contact information for inquiries.
  • Artwork may be rejected if not in keeping with the spirit of the shows.

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